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TEO Program

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TEO - Tropical Ecology Online

Our TEO talk series has ended. During the pandemic and absence of in-person meetings it served as a platform to discuss current topics in tropical ecology and connect the community of our society. Also, the TEO talk series offered a platform of exchange for in particular early career researchers. We therefore combined key-note lectures of established researchers with one or two presentations by early career researchers into a topical seminar. Instead of questions and answers to each talk, we combined the
discussion of all talks in a longer discussion round at the end of the seminar to give everyone in the audience the opportunity to get actively involved. You can find the recordings of all TEO talks on our youtube channel. Enjoy the talks and see you (hopefully) soon at one of our in-person conferences.

Past events

March 2023 - Topic Metabarcoding: with talks by Johan Pansu & Maximillian Tercel. See online-Video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TzOaG3EGcP0

Febuary 2023 - Topic Island biogeography: with talks by Christophe Thébaud, Amandine Vidal-Hosteng and Bárbara Freitas. See online-Video here: youtube.com/watch?v=BqZWTTQlu1A  

January 2023 - Topic Mangrove Ecology: with talks from Emma Michaud & Adriana Spedicato. See the online-Video here: youtube.com/watch?v=FvsTYt9LdIg&t=3609s

Dezember 2022 - Topic Paleoecology: with talks by Vincent Montade, Antonia Reinhardt and Juliette Duval. See online-Video here: youtube.com/watch?v=qSYs4aYxE8w&t=9s

November 2022 - Topic Ecological networks & thermal community ecology: with talks by Owen Lewis & Mélanie Thierry. See online-Video here: youtube.com/watch?v=dHDz1-FgaXA

October 2022 - Topic Camera trapping of frugivores & carnivores: with talks by Pierre-Michel Forget and Desamarie Antonette P. Fernandez. See online-Video here: youtube.com/watch?v=GR750J5hYig&t=13s

April 2021 - Topic Biological Invasions: with talks by Hanno Seebens (The global distribution and accumulation of non-native species) and Franziska Leonhardt (Caribbean invaders and their stowaways: Analysing patterns, processes and nested invasions in the amphibian model Eleutherodacytlus johnstonei)

May 2021 - Topic Tropical Ecology & Conservation: with talks by Alice C. Hughes (Understanding threats to tropical biodiversity), Kritzler Tanalgo (Protecting the darkside: conservation priorities for global bat caves in a changing world) and Pagi Toko (Conservation strategies of indigenous communities in tropical forests)

June 2021 - Topic Biodiversity Information Systems: with talks by Beth Kaplin (Building a biodiversity information system to support tropical ecosystem conservation), Mapendo Mindje (Data sharing for tropical conservation: building a community of practice in data sharing to overcome challenges and constraints)

July 2021 - Topic Animal-Plant Interactions: with talks by Eckhard Heymann  (Small but nice - consequences and patterns of seed dispersal by small New World monkeys), Omer Nevo (Chemical communication in plant-frugivore interactions), Elise Sivault (Body mass and skull dimensions predict seed dispersal in bats, primates and carnivores from tropical forests)

If you missed the talks, please find a recording HERE

August 2021 - Topic Forest Fragmentation: with talks by Shawn Lehman  (Forest fragmentation effects ), Frederik Kiene (Gastrointestinal parasite infections of small mammals in northwestern Madagascar under the influence of habitat fragmentation and degradation), Gabriele Sgarlata (Predicting the consequences of habitat loss and fragmentation using spatial genetic simulations)

If you missed the talks, please find a recording HERE

September 2021 - Topic Pollination in Tropical Systems: with talks by Robert Tropek  (The birds and the bees – Patterns and drivers of plant-pollinator interactions on Mount Cameroon ), Sailee Sakhalkar (Trick if you can’t treat – Cheaters in flower-visitor communities of Mount Cameroon)

If you missed the talks, please find a recording HERE