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Early career group of the Society for Tropical Ecology

In September 2021, the Society for Tropical Ecology established a group for early career scientists (e.g., PhD students, Postdocs). It is designed as a platform to exchange experiences and ideas relating to tropical research and science in general. Every society member can join the group, and we offer a 1-year free trial for non-members (sign up via treasurer(at) Furthermore, the early career group offers the opportunity to get actively involved with the Society for Tropical Ecology, e.g., by developing new ideas for society activities and representing the society on social media. 

We offer:

  • A platform for scientific exchange
  • Monthly online meetings
  • Welcoming atmosphere
  • Setting and updating goals (e.g., during PhD phase)
  • Exchange with a diverse group of early career scientists
  • Topics: exchange on field work, statistical challenges, career options, work-life balance, networking, feedback on trial presentations
  • Sessions with invited speakers on different topics (e.g. habilitation process, postdoc applications) 
  • Mentoring opportunities with society board members
  • 1-year society trial membership to participate in student group meetings

Besides discussing our personal scientific activities, we consider how to advertise the society on social media and decide on topics for future posts. At the moment, we manage the society’s twitter, youtube and facebook account. With our social media activities, we aim to increase the reach of our society and grow the membership internationally. 

If you would like to join the student group of the Society for Tropical Ecology, please email wurz(at) for registration.